17th May
written by admin

Life has been crazy busy, and I’ve not done any maintenance on the site in a while.  I noticed that the comment spam was crazy, so I nuked the comments table.  For those of you who left comments, sorry, but I don’t like spam more than I do like comments.


20th January
written by admin

You know, sometimes people just don’t know what to do.  They are frustrated, they feel betrayed, wronged, without power to change what has happened, what is happening.

If you are one of those people, remember you are not alone.  If you have a story to share, post it here.  If you have a really big gripe and you want to let the world know, you can host it here for free.  If you just want to vent on someone, that’s fine: vent [at] reallysucks.net.

While this site is new for gripe sites, I am not.  I host one of the gripe sites out there that has been on-line for several years, in spite of legal threats, intimidation by some employees of the company (while others are quite supportive).  I will collect as much information to arm yourself with as I can if you want to build a gripe site.  I have most experience with California law (which is one of the better states to host something like this).  My servers are in California, and I don’t cave to unenforceable threats.  That said I have to cave to a court order, so be prepared if they really do sue you.  The usual disclaimer: I am not a lawyer (IANAL), so the usual admonishments apply: if you ask me if something is legal or not, I’ll reply that you should ask a lawyer…  But like everyone else in this world I have an opinion and I’ll be happy to share that with you.

Cheers and go get ‘em ;-)