Legal Notes

24th January
written by admin

Public Citizen has helped numerous people keep their free speech rights:

The Wikipedia article about gripe sites:

Another list of gripe sites (along with some helpful information about starting your own):

An interesting piece about how at least some lawyers are realizing the pointlessness of threatening or suing the operators of gripe sites, noting that most of them are completely legal:

From the other side of the fence, a company trying to sell a service to shut down gripe sites (worth a read):

Another interesting article about gripe sites in general:

23rd January
written by admin

Want to see an awesome pair of C&D’s on a website related to insurance gripes? where the site admin takes the Farmers lawyers to school in his response to their C&D same site.  The admin takes the lawyers to task for being idiots. again, same site.  Easily the most hilarious spoof on a C&D ever.  It was written by lawyers for a company called Linden Labs who knew the fast track to infamy was threatening the little guy.  They took the ball and ran it back for a positive PR touchdown.  I with other companies were this enlightened.

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